Quite frequently, when I’ve passed that point where I have to decide whether to stay up and do things or pull the fake sleep with optimism till I bump my Monday into what I still, as of today think I’m pulling off as “acceptable” behaviour in today’s world.

WHAT IF I use long sentences when I —

Ding. Memory Moment. West Wing – Hallway writing.

The West Wing was one of the first serious shows that seemed real enough that we accepted it as a way to learn and understand and I’m sure everyone hoped, be fascinated by it… right up until enough lightbulbs have connected for you, that you’re disgusted by it.

It hits everyone different, but in my writings, it’s a reoccurring imagery. In music, they call it a crushendo. Creshendo.

hey google, what is a creshendo?

According to my google assistant, it’s a gradual increase.

stop… oops. I feel like I just walked into a country bar dressed like a rodeo clown. Once you’ve swung those two doors that Hollywood has always used to signify a Western bar open, and the piano man has stopped paying, you better have a good reason for stopping the flow of a story.

You don’t just shout stop in the middle of a sentence. That kind of weird mixture of stage direction, traffic sign,

hey google. who sings stop in the name of love

You don’t just shout stop in the middle of a sentence. That kind of weird mixture of stage direction, traffic sign, and 4th wall stuff isn’t as popular as you think.



It is my guess that the word “unless”, followed by three dots and a dramatic pause is words that creates a trigger for an image. For millions of people, it may be the same basic image with different faces.

You may be imagining a favourite comedy or romantic comedy. Some people see the word “unless…” as positive. It represents at least one more shot at hope. One more possibility that didn’t exist until I just thought of it now.

More likely, I just thought of something reasonably unrelated, and it “zeroed a bulb”.

linked a bulb

light linked


The light bulb clicked.

——-Graphic Cartoon Inside My Head——-

The other day while writing, I was throwing out names of celebrities almost as if I was in any position to feel connected or a part of that world just because one day I split my writings from one to two and to cover the miracle of two, I said I was writing scripts now.

There are very few times when I can use this, but;

My Momma told me, that it was OK if I talked to myself but don’t answer.

WHAT IF that is how playwriting was invented. To cover how much fun talking to myself in different voices and personas can be when you live alone inside your head.

My head.

Herman got it. He had Lisa Simpson to talk to.

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