I don’t wantto vent and share all the ways I am failing. How could that help with anything. Let that phone ring. Tomorrow Jeff will either answer or ignore it more. The load of crap I throw ove the wall of tomorrow must be getting huge. Its like an Ontario landphil. Soon I hope thet cover it with grass, make it a hiking park and find a new hole to fill with our crap.

I wish I knew if it really was bad to throw away my old AA and AAA batteries like they tell me it is. I’m at that point over the hill where I tend to believe it really doesn’t matter. The amount of crap in a landphill surely can’t be effected by my little batteries. Don’t even get me started on trying to ban plastic bags because of landphil issues. I don’t need to worry about whether something disintegrates in 5000 or 5 million years. No matter what, it’s still landphil crap burried in dirt. It contains batteries from 6 million neighbours since long before we were told we should drive all the way to a Canadian Tire to throw them out.


Another phone call rings. The same guy. 4 times now, so it’s clear I’m ignoring him for the third week in a row, exchanging emils only so I could, technically if I needed to, so it ws somebody else acting for me, as me when I was in the hospital for something… I don’t know. Making up lie excuses is harder in the digital age.

Especially when I have 24/7 webcams in my room, and if he did a little digging, he could atcually watch me ignore his phone call from 3 seperate views.

That’s probably a bad idea for somebody triying to hide and shirk basic respnabiities on my way down.

If you’re looking at a waterfall a few feet ahead of you, most of the other duties seem like a waste. Less of a priority anyway.

That is the new me and I don’t like it.

It’s been the new me for longer than I admit. It’s the old me.

I’ve never been good at finishing anything.


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