Point Forms

I have been trying Craigs List.

I stopped Second Life although if I am going to be awake tonight (wink) I may try again.  I need a person to be my #1 in there. It’s to boring alone in my current life state and mood.

I like Second Life on E, but not alone.

There are betteer dating apps.

referral dating, friend dating, online speed dating, arranged dating, arranged marriages in country

web idea. a dating web site with just me.

just nerds.

high dates

high tours… guided dates.

Google keyboard sidetrack lead me to installing SwiftKey again, because it has an awesome interaction with the Bluetooth keyboard.. A one minute show topic.

bed blogging 101.

I had to pause this week’s Lucie because the man was so ignorant of how to treat a human, or in this case, woman. The awkward next few scenes would bother nme, so I switched to Canadian political Ishmael fake news, This hour has 22 minutes.

It takes a while to adapt to the newest cast changes, but I am great full that at least one show allows me to get my Canadian top stories with a punchline.

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