It’s Monday, and I started blogging about an hour ago with the first toke, but ended up fiddling with WordPress and the blog did that irritating 500 error and I don’t feel like fixing it from here. So I’m back blogging on the Orange Jeff domain. I can’t quite decide where I want to blog. I think perhaps the daily “show” blog should be stand alone. I think I like as the home, but I’m still thinking maybe the site.

If is to be a social media site, then having show sites is a part of that.

It was a dull Monday. To be truthful, I don’t think I looked out the window. It might have been a glorious day. The final days of February in Ontario can either be really nice or still horrible.  I think it my have been a nice day. I had plans to visit the Bulk Barn and replenish my bedside candies. I stopped short just before declothing in the bathroom before the shower. I did almost nothingtoday. A monday not only wsted, but fallen behind.

I napped durng the day a few times.  Even with some medication to keep me awake.

It’s 7:30 now and I’m watching TV that I don’t care too much about while I type. I may try to fall asleep at a regular time again tonight and normalize. A good sleep might give me a good awake tomorrow, but it didn’t today. I can’t quite tell inside my head yet. I might  be able to feel tired instead of alert. I’ve been practicing, and by practiving I mean I’ve been getting high every night but you’ve got to sleep sometime.

I think I’m building that lump again. It happens when somebody is expecting my work on a time line, but I can see something just ahead I won;’t like, or can’t complete and so the project stalls as I ignore it for other things.

Everything is like that for me.  I do it till its not fun and then I move on to the next thing. Depnding on the activity coming up in my NOW, I may or may not get back to the open tasks.

I’ve been thinking about dating again. I guess I can say I put it out of my head, but the end goal really is to not be alone. Sadly, as I move more towards crazy drug addict and less that sitcom husband, it’s even harder than before. I am almost offended that I scanned over 200 women in my area on Tinder and not one swiped on me? That means nobody liked me. Nobody. Not even the fat and ugly Tinder users that normall show up as matches rather quickly.

I’m still not confident enough to handle myself on a first date. It terrifies me. I dream of princess charming finding me and saving me… in my own way. I don’t really think a Princess is the right mnatch either. Dating apps in general are so depressing. Like in real life, rejections are hard to take, but with these apps, it’s on a mass scale.

I am enjoying the increased writing schedule more than I expected.I’d like to believe I can keep up witth it over time on a new domain perhaps.  I’d like to write scripts and blogs and such.

End of Part 1.  Not quite sleepy, but I’ll toke again.

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