When … the sleepy wave hits. I’ve been breathing through my nose, but less so as it clogs from the weed like a nose drawbridge. the snot solidifies and I start needing deeper breaths. Eventually I need to use my mouth, and it’s hard for me to fall asleep with mouth breathing. It gets dry fast and needs attention or liquid and that resets the fall asleep volunteer down.

After years of this routine, last night was the realization light bulb moment when I noticed sleeping on my side, the nostril closest to the bed is the one that clogs, and the upper nostril cleas, and then I flip sides. I can take hours to fall asleep with that routine, especially if I re-toke later.

Nose is clear. Let’s attempt nap.

5:1-pm Thursday. Undecided if I should stay up and try to be productive. It is possible my new life is as an evening person, not a morning person. I don’t wake motivated anymore, but guilt beats me down all day so I can be productive at night.

At least in the current storyline.

end of this part. There was some video accompaniments .

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