I’ve lost my smile tody. A near nap with my dentures didn’t end the way it started. I woke up without my smile. Literally. I woke up with one of the two full sets of removable dentures in my hand, and the other, not.

Yup. Crazy people lose stuff. That’s on the list. I am however not yelling at you blaming you for having taken them. I want to be strong, and hold off that dreaded search. I hate searching for tings in general, which is why I developed such a strong feeling for my “put it back where you got it” house plan. I only started losing shit recently… you know, when I started poking my brain with an icepick through my nose.

A man in a business suit that doesn’t quite fit comes on with a large sign. He means since he started taking the meth, which he snorts regularly.

Cut to couple in audience. I really like that close captioning for old people. It really stops me from having to pester you every few minutes.  Smart thinking.

No. It stops you from asking me questions. It doesn’t seem to hav any effect on the level of pestering.

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