Since my room mate is moving her storage locker full of furnishings here on Sunday, she’s making some noises in the other room past midnight, so I get to be active and loud for a little while longer. It’s clear now I’ll be up all night, although my sleep attempt felt close.

I got quite excited when I was writing out my fiction story. The idea of a superhero kid that has the power to force a Groundhog day type event has Ben with me for years through various story ideas. It was nice to write it out, so complete strangers can steal it and make billions.

It is an idea worth a lot if written well. There have not been many great new superheros but new ideas are welcome. It’s a good time I think. It could be anything. Movies, series, family, etc.

It’s a pride spike. Pride followed by the realization it will never be anything.

I always picked the long dugs. 12 hours. Those are the drugs that really put you through a whole cycle or two of happy happy joy joy, joy crushing followed.

I need an emotional support animal
Can I get a human? That;lol solve a lot.

I would love the old age home if it was a nice one like my folks lived in for a few years. My favorite moments in life are in groups I’m finally comfortable around. That doesn’t happen on its own. The more I think about it…


Consider this. My main issue in life is that I don’t like to be the one that interuots, irritates, annoys or lots you down. If you start, I’m confident in that Jeff that responds, however I won’t ask, and I don’t know the timing of romance.

however… if I were to get an emotional support animal, for the rest of my public life, I would never be short of conversation. I expect I’d have to get very creative for it not to be the exact same conversation 50,000 times but it’s just the opener.

Could I tell the truth?  Could I answer the dogs true purpose is to pick up chicks, but in a serious medicinal way. Without it, I can’t. The Esa might be the solution to my life.

ha – anything might be.

You don’t win the lottery if you don’ buy a ticket. I never buy a ticket. I just get high and imagine winning. The feeling is almost the same, but much shorter lasting.

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