OOPS.  I went off my meds and forgot. I had forgotten to take my Paxil regularly, and I was off the other stuff for a few days.  On December 29th, I cried.  Spontaniously, without warning. i had no friends to call. Nobody to talk to.

then I remembered, took the Paxil and went back to sleep.

Christmas is always a weird time for me, because I really don;’t have a family to celebrate it with. Even when I did, I wasn’t really a hige fan of the season. Obligatory gift giving is hard, but to be honest, obligatory gift recieving is far worse for me. I always hated getting iftes… well… ok, some gifts were great but most wer not what I would have bought mnhyself, so I end up having to leeo appreciative when I wasn’t.

I usualy just hibernate and ignore the holiday and then celebfrate January 1st as the super Monday restart.  This year, it’s even on a Monday.

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