Since I switched to paying for Howard Stern legally and Satellite radio in the car instead of the pop top 40 station I was clinging to. I will probably always prefer the up beat rave style music I used to call, rave music or sometimes techno. I liked it and it was nearly impossible not to move to its beat in unison as it booms. Good rave DJ’s came into my universe during those rave days. I had been a pretty good mommas boy till quite late in my life, at least by a considered norm.  But I listen to an American national playlist now. No commercials, but about 30% too many irritating station identification. Perhaps filled each hour with 8 minutes of bad impressions and call backs from sounbites horribly modified to include 90’s on 9.

When the big change came down and I was finally promoted to store manager rather than assistant. I liked assistant. It was my dream job. Contribute to the goals with interaction and then somebody else gets blamed if it fails, but you can share in the great story regardless.

When I was awarded the captains chair, it was a bad time. I had seen the company I’d worked for through the dawn of personal computers. I was right there, having the time of my life, as long as I didn’t notice.

I am blessed in many ways, but one I’m especially happy about is that I;ve pretty much always been able to fall asleep. Every now and then I’ll have an awake night, almost always caused by whatever drugs I’d taken that week. There is a moment when you are settled in and not yet sure whether you feel sleepy enough or whethe — and there it is.

I just lost the game.

The moment you think about being awake, the moment you are. Thought opend a door and starts anoter day of adding to your personal brain store of the stories.

First rule of insomnia is don’t think about Brad Pitt.  I know at least some of you are, even 100 years into the future.

First rule of insomnia, don’t think about insomnia.

As Admaral Akbar, Blarg rest his sole, would say; IT’S A TRAP

Continuing in the story, big changes were happening in the world of Computers. We had chosen our choice, and done exceptionally well in the early days of education. Commodore had a head start in this area, because the factory was right here. Being Canadian helped in the sales pitch with funding I would imagine.

By the time I was going to be in charge, I had seen the little basement office retail store blow up from under 10 employees counting me, to 40 and then more and more.  I worked in the retail store with 3 others, and then various shuffles and stories till I was full time and volentarily taking second place behind a newly hired manager who spoke with a British accent, wore a gray suit well, and had heard of the VIC 20.

He was pretty much what I could have hoped for. In my mind and memory, we had a warm and friendly relastionship most of the time, except perhaps the stories of me being a mean bully that I may have blocked out. I don’t write that line without concern. It is clear I am able to forget things very easily. Even somebody innocently calling squiirrel out because yesterday it was a funny jest.

I freaked out. We had, against all odds, chosen the wrong racehorse in the game after our success withe the C64 and VIC family. I remember the seasons when Future SHop changed the world and then Canadian Tire became Cabnada’ largest computer retailer and got such a “deal” that we actually used to go down to the local branch in fours and buy retail C64’s with cash, and resell them for $4 more, but with a profit in Canadfian Tire money, which for those outside that loop, Canadian Tire is a Canadian company that starteed selling Tires, obviously, but as big box stores became the new NOW, They changed into a giant home store, much like Best Buy but with automotive emphasis. A Giant chain of branded autorepair within a drive of everywhere as far as I could tell.  They gave away fake money as a bonus with every cash purchase. It is a huge part of the culture in those days. It’ll be a NFC tag before too long.

— My thumb numb … I just made that nose exhale sound, which is like a laugh..I don’t remember why.  Darn.

Typing hurts. Ok already, I’m sorry I said I didn’t believe in signs.

thumb says stop.  as I do, I realize that … I end now.  keybord in bed is bad. keyboard at desk is bad. I will retreat. (:30 but huge stoirm and ice, so plans all happily ignored.

I’m still out of second life. I’m bummed but have less time so I’m working in this life for a bit.

soe thumb.  (:23pm Friday.

end at desktop.

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