Goodmorning, goodafternoon and good evening. I’m Jeff Goebel, and this is my daily conversion of my day, into stories.

Something has changed.  I noticed it, made mental note, and then almost went back to sleep. I wasn;t enjoying myself as much, and at the sme time, more. Different.

The new THC shatter started it a bit, but it was the new pipe combined with the new discovery of a pornography I can really enjoy a lot more than before, and a new hypnosis breed as well.  All of this, on top of me losing my prime friendship circle and #1.

I passed into the phase of tolerance. Just like I remember wth almost every other thing I tried starting with my first drink.

I get to  point when I only get high on the first dose, drink, snort, pill etc. I don’t get “higher”.  I may keep trying, but I don’t.  Drugs become familiar enough to almost be background.

This is when people ovefdose I suppose.

A new storyline was created today in the interaction between myself and my house mate on the other side of that door. She saw something, made mental note, and then commented. I 100% ignored the comment and moved forward as id I’d not heard it.

A mental file was opened. I may never know how much or how little thought was put into this on her side of the front, but in my head I can scenario how my mind works, and how it might hve played out in my head. A mystery to be solved. She may soon know one of my secrets.

or, much more probably it’s already forgotten.

Midnight. Sleep trial. I’ve been told my new masterbations are loud enough to irritaet, annoy, agitate, inconvenience and cause great stress.

pride and guilt share the point.

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