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You’re hired.

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Russian bride roleplay


Craigslist. I am a very real male over 50 that is honestly not doing so well living alone. I am a genuine polite respectful guy that checks most of the cliche adjectives I see on dating sites. I don’t know if anybody really knows what down to earth is, but I certainly follow the laws of gravity and the concepts of science.

I have a recently refreshed confidence is who I am, and I like to interact and laugh with people as much as I can however I don’t iniate. I don’t ask.

Stop. I hate it. Take 2.

Hello Craig’s list. I’m relearning how to mingle and date at this point in my life. More accurately, I’m doing nothing. I’m living without touch. In two 7niverses.

Stop. Well tackle that one separate.

Nose instrument update. I thought it was emitting humpback whaleshttps


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Wikipedia

But it’s more like cat sounds.


Sleep? Sure, let’s try that.

3 seconds later.


Idea. Schools should exist in SL.

The blogger exchange. Host blogger visits and be homeless all over the word.

My initial blog title, referred to those peruferal friends I know about that did the crazy. Go to China and teach English, or yoga in Peru. Move to Singapore and marry a native.

My sister’s both foed from me fast. I have no stories of my time with them.

420. Appropriate. I wonder how long ago I let the no drugs past 2am rule slide.

I love this new pipe.

Ready for another porn hero session.

Ha.i confess I didn’t get what porn hero was at first. Guitar hero was an early write off for me.

Clearly a different brain type, but especially since the drugs have made it worse. I live in the now which often moves on to something new before I could remember

I have hope when I write. Hope can admit the writing may be hard to follow first drafts written very high but my hope is, I can follow up and remember enough to fill in the story, or more probably if I’m realistic, somebody not me.

Either staff paid with my success, or paid by investors in optimism. Or the community I’m dreaming of.

Idea. Create a Utopia concept. My universe. Present the idea of a community with everything that was good about the church, or the concept of a shared, mandatiry community that offered guidance and council for all, but without the part where you claim with a somewhat rude arrogance that your 2017 year old God is the only one, even though he himself seems to be at least two.

The greatest invention of all time was church and community.

The worst idea if all time was to make the origin story so infalable and absolute. Nothing good ever came from hating people because you won’t admit it’s highly unlikely to be the last. The true Christian’s.

Oh my Godoh my God

Idea. Make America great again. Trump is preparing escape ship b. Douglas Adams.

A war.

Who dies first?  The people who we can most afford to lose, and that is a noble position to be in. Just intekegent enough to accept the idea that you can most serve your country and be an actual hero, is to die.

Star trek reference. The people in a ship assumed the people on the planet surface were inferior beings but Kirk proved they were you, but with red die number 5 plant dust in their lungs they seemed slower and dumb.

Glitched and lost whatever I was saying, which was about not remembering something.

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