Since I knew I’d be up late tonight, I looked for something new to do. I found something old, but new again. Tinychat. A web based video social chat site that I’ve been a fan of for over a decade. I’ve never been a huge fan of computer chat because essentially t has the same issues as real life.  It’s the interruptions and ice breaking that I have trouble with ibn lif3e.

I always thought chat rooms were hard to break into because everyone there knows everyone. An outsider.  Once I break I however, I like chat rooms now.  I love to talk and steal attention. When I’m on weed, even more-so.

Tonight, I found the Bad Wolf Club. A chat room of English speaking nerds, most of whom seem to smoke weed and talk about nerdy things.  Bad Wolf is a reference to Doctor WHo.

It’s usually easy to enter into one of these conversations.

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