In life, I need external help making decisions, and help being reminded them are decisions to make.  I feel like I put my left foot out, but before I move forward, I out it back in again. I can’t decide if this blog, and my slowly started buddies are a good idea, a horrible idea of the extremes if laughably wrong to fucking genius.

I can’t judge. In my head, everything I do that isca new thought is right and perfect and exciting, until it’s not. In my everyday life, exciting new thoughts and ideas are subjected to the second voice inside quite quickly.

Edit skip. Don’t get trapped in complexities if the sentence needs thought to make it right. Pull a knight move and skip to a new line.

If I were dictating this, it’d be .. new paragraph.

If I were talking, I might have pointed towards the window and said

Oh look, a Zeppelin.

End of this part.

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