One if the single line gems if wisdom I keep with me from youth, is that tennis players always like to play against superior players. It’s the only way to improve.

My negative voice shouts from the back, or your mom said that because you always lost.

I did. I always lost. At everything. I was a complete lower, always picked last for any game or sport. I didn’t even get a bronze angelic achievement badge.

It does however make sense throughout life.  This evening, during a challenge, I thought to myself. I’m playing tennis. I’ll come out if this experience better.

Exhausted, sweaty, defeated and down.

Then my super power kicks in like a pep talk from the coach during a Harlem globetrotters game. Round two will be better.

I reframe the experience and tell the story.

I didn’t travel the world, or write that book, but I saved lost stray that lost her way. If I don’t give up tomorrow, it could be the best stories if my life.


Voice says, or not.

I might give up. The change may be too good for me. I didn’t read up online ir wTch the how to videos on YouTube.

I’m not equipped to be a father now. I don’t know the car and feeding if a bearded dragon.

I thought she might like a pet analog with a Moncol.

Top hat isn’t feminine.

{several visual pet dressing creepy visuals later}

End of part 2

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