Thinking at the speed of my typing,  forgetting more than half as my brain is flooded with excitement.  I had a great idea.  An amazing piece of prose and…  I’m stalling


I started out thinking I was worth nothing.

One new voice that had no reason to lie,  thought I was cool.  I made her smile.

It was validation and reward.

So I thought I was worth something.  I was just unique enough to be interesting.  I can hold my own,  as I have been training to be the invisible best friend.

Side Note: Westwirld can really Fuck with your head,  man

I’m undecided if I recommend it,  or whether it might break you.  It is possible it had influence on my friend’s recent breakdown.

She would not like me calling it that I am sure,  and may be angry I told the stories.


I spent some time in the world where my ideas mattered a lot,  and I was on a different level that everyone else.

I was Lt. Broccoli in the episode where he became the smartest man of all time.


I hope her future can be bright again.

End of part x

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