What if, 50 years after your death, all your online info becomes unsealed. Public domain or auctioned off like a random unpaid storage locker auction.

Agencjes buy them up and search for talent, then sell them to jobbers who find and ideas and blogs and use them I’m any way.

I’d like to officially donate my complete unpublished or… Ok. I’d like to make the design on a clearer mind.

Public domain but firs come first served to ideas included worthy if profit in any way.

Genius grab bag.
At the very least, I’d hope an interesting story.

I wonder if I should throw some real money and hire a leader. I want to, promote myself. A practice I have almost no experience with, and is still quite awkward. Confidence I new to me.

In any case, I have a lot of neat unpublished works in the cloud. A hacker could be inventing my ideas now. Russians could know about my theories. I’ll be honest, the 2016 election in the States (new nane) looks a lot like my superpower secrets were stolen and used to win an election.

He topped my concept by convincing people his stories were the truth and established existing stories on video were the lies.

He might even wave his tiny Jedi hands for the spell. I honestly don’t remember.

This is not the candidate your looking for
You want to make America great again.
Move along Mr president

That’s a better trick than physic paper.

May the trump be with you

I have low g believed top government actually does work together insuring significant changes might take 2 ir 3 generations to accept change.

There are still too many old people with multi generation fear and pride. Time has no right to demand anyone changes a belief or a story. Logic has the best shot.

3 generations of teaching, introduction to acceptance. An eventual majority can sway enough of the population to keep children free if the hate bias childhood.

We’re stealing society into the right shoulder over the line, and then overcompensating with a steak off the left shoulder. Hate is getting a booster spin like those rubber wheels in that hot wheels engine for kids without furniture. Zoom, we’re back 2 Gen’s and people are saying nigger in songs on the radio so the racists have to buy the uncut version online. Caching.

Hate is big business. In irony, it might actually help to make America great again. It could generate a lot of low paying jobs from loyalists to your movement. Hate Mexico, but compete and work like a Mexican might.

There are a dozen immigrants who will, unless they’re legal without that tether.

Of course, if he throws them in ovens, then I’m wrong, and he is just power mad with a team that lets him do anything. It’s almost mocking like scientologist origin story mocks Christian belief in the face. I gotta give them credit on your religion origin story is a burn on the leader.

It sums up my philosophy, but then they started to be pretty hard on those that escape and it seems like they went to far on some of the rules.

Or they write their own story and they’re ok if you’re not in on the joke. It is quite possible that scientology, the invented religion that gangster acquired their status.

If you’re invited, you step behind the curtain of story production and learn Wht it really is.

Imagine for a moment, the power of any collective community with the right ratio if greed vs guilt, with solders in every single power industry. On theory, I would not be surprised if scientology could mutant almost anything at any time.

And the story is, they’re crazy, look aeay
Are you one with the body?

As an aside, check out the famous south park episode on scientology. It’s the best way to learn.

End of part CB

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