When I wrote and published my 1st “BOOK” at age 16, it was described as a restroom book, perfect because you could pick it up at any point, and read a single page. Then you can read forward, or backward, or pick another random page. It was written like a season 1 of anything. Episodic, not serial.

It occurs to me that this is what a good coffee table book must be. It must be interesting from any fold. If it’s open on your table as a display, every page has to be able to be the first page. My “BOOK” was just that, and I had so much pride in it’s story, to this day I sell it online.

This brings me to this blog, or any personal blog really. They are not written like a coffee table book, but in fact, that is exactly how they will be discovered. Any single blog post on a web site or personal blog has the potential to be the official ambassador to new visitors. Every page can be the first page people see.

Unfortunatly, blogs work very poorly that way. My story is somewhat liniar.

—- ahhh who am I to try and tell anybody how to read my stories. Each one is capable of being the first one you read I believe, but like my high school friend Steve Boys on once said to me after a failed punchline; “What’s ya want, every one a winner?” It cracked me up.

If all else fails, make sure the story is saved, and it’s great.

As I write, too late at night sadly, I have changed my stance on this post, and blogs can be random access. One lucky phrase matches Google and a thousand people could see you.

or not.

I don’t want to be famous
I just want a few fans.

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