Any moment in time can be the start of a new story.

All it takes to change your universe is to change the way you tell the stories.

Best story wins
Best storyteller wins

Note. Attention readers. Save point

I tell you now with clarity. If you master how to tell your stories, your life will change.

Opinion stated as fact: people respect the story tellers. Religion called them sermons.

My church calls them stories.

Everything in the universe exists only in the stories we tell.
OR the stories we’re told.
All it takes to change the universe, is to change the stories.

The Best Story wins, and in every way that matters, replaces the universe. Everything up to this moment, exists only in the stories we tell.

If we’re told it’s Santa Claus by own parents then we believe it. There is no reason to doubt, especially since believing ultimately means more gifts every Christmas, and a moral compass that prevents them from risks that could damage their reputation and image in the eyes of those I respect.

I believe a lot of crime today is a direct result of people without a Santa Claus replacement. No symbol to be good for. A symbol you care about losing respect.

Anyone can be your Santa Claus. All you have to do is care what they think. Be good for goodness sake, because Santa knows.

I’ve got several Santa Clauses now and they keep me from being much worse. It is only recently become noticeable in disruption of my previously pride worthy work.

The End.

I’ve been reconsidering. I needed to reframe the crazy old man visual imagery because it wasn’t a right fit.

I’m merely thinking out loud, with a brain that needs two streams of attention to function, so I use the background task to focus on guilt and how horrible these ideas are.

I’m fighting that.

I hold to the believe that my writings are I of value, and even if my style of wording and grammar are… My brain wants to settle for the lowest bar. The bronze participation badge.

I bel;I’ve I am memory using a faster method for the kind of spiralling a continuous monolgue of thought

Argh. The auto correct settings are all wrong. It’s rewriting whole words. I hope that doesn’t destroy the flow.

I write as if I were saying these words, and in fact, my tying fingers often pause in the same way I would if speaking.

I think at the speed of my keys.

Moment has passed. Conclusion. I am sporting out ideas and references and hyperlink to previous writings. It seems crazy from a 2D perspective.

That’s why I need to pay an editor.

I should watch Lost IN Translation again.

(Jeff grins. His memory is suddenly flood with the memories of that movie, and I believe Gweneth Patrol… Now my memory is mixed. Moment spoiled.

Flood like the flash flood ride at Universal Studios.

A memory moment. A classic story reshaped with each new generation.

Unless it’s gone now.

The memory lives on and replaces the reality.

Pledge. I want to (a) seriously consider Uber and (b) Research hiring a book writer and editor.

Hire people to monetize Frogstar. Com

Get fucked

The end.

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