I see a lot of people asking for Friends with Benefits, and I think maybe they’ve got the wrong idea. To some, it means you get a best friend – or at least a good friend, but you get to have non attached sex too. The sex is the benefit.

To others, they just want to fuck, and if possible, engage in repeated one night stands without the hassle of searching each and every time. More like a booty call perhaps, they consider the FRIEND part the benefit, so it’s more like SEX WITH BENEFITS.

I’ve never been very sexually active. I’m not a virgin, but I have a small “number” or partners, and I’m still a bit awkward at first… so I decided what I’m looking for is a third group that are seeking friends and sex with actual benefits.

I checked, and dental is too costly to cover, and I’m in Canada so healthcare is free already, but I am prepared to cover various medication expenses, transportation and perhaps even a food plan for my newly met friends.

Was this too much for a silly joke? I’m high and I tend to write wordy. Then I feel it’s all wrong, and I summarize; I’ve had some good success recently inviting people over to my place, or their place, or a third place and after saying Hello, we each pop, snort or inhale something.. and go from there. The high is the benefit.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun, because it’s really hard to not have a fantastic fun always smiling first date on drugs. I don’t feel as welcome asking for this kind of a FWB on the dating sites. Those that have any indication to choose ae very vague. I’m not. I need more friends to get high with… and spend quality touch-time with.

To be clear, I’m a good choice. I’m a drug fan and user, but I am not a typical druggie. I have a job, income and social life outside drugs. My normal persona is very much sober, hence the lack of drug friends. To many of my friends, the drug fun is hidden.

I’m a mix between older and immature, polite, respectful, wise, kind and generous (especially on molly). I don’t yell, and I am skilled at avoiding drama and negativity. I can hold a conversation, and I will make you smile and laugh. Although this post is on FetLIfe, I’m here more because I like to get high and share that time. I’m more vanilla in the bedroom, but on drugs – I say yes a lot more, and am eager to learn and please.

Just don’t yell at me when I fail… even if it approaches an irritating level at times.

Embrace the high. Smiles are my reward.

I aim to please, and say yes to as much as I can, but I still have trouble with asking, so at least at first… you may lead if you choose.

— The point in my writing where something distracts me, and I pause.,.. and then I think I should spend time editing and correcting and clarifying… but I don’t. I am always open and honest, but I am only recently learning the attributes I used to self hate, actually make me pretty cool and fun. I am enjoying life so much more with this new perspective.

The new Jeff is ready to meet you. Say high.

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