I watch a tv show called Royal Pains. It is about a talented Doctor with fantastic emergency improvisational skills, and a really good diagnostic ability.  He lives with his brother, a financial nerd and business major.

Together, then run HankMed, which is a conciegrge doctor, in the wealthy Hamptons region.

Housecalls to the rich.

It occurs to me, that this mirror my vision for Orangeshirts.

Concierge IT support.

One man, and his business partner, becomes your retainer based “guy”/

If you have a question, or need for support in any way, including personal shopping, you have one call.

Your guy knows you, works with you at your level, and is the point man to solve anything and everything techie, from your phone, to Bluetooth, ipod, Stereo, Cab;le and Satalite, clock radio, and of course, computers, laptops, tablets, pods and pads/

You call, we answer.

You request, we deliver.

You have problems, we have solutions

Prices range from exclusive to the number of people we share our services with.

Since it’s me alone… I don’t n eed a lot, just enough.

I was using the word concierge for what I do for years, long before hankmed… I just liked the mirror imagery at 4am before sleep today.

I need a brother.

AD: |HEY. DO YOU WATCH HANKMED?  I;m looking for my own version of Evan, in a startup with little cash. Perfect for a hobby business or forn a stay at home mom or dad with business sense and an excitement for growth and promotion.

Ideally, you’d be my siliar age brother, and we’d bond deeply and work perfectly together.

CONSIERGE IT. You gottagetaguy.com

Your own personaly IT Consierge. Suited to yourb needs.

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