It’s 11:24am.  My official start time is 3pm, but I’ve been here since about 9am, setting up.  As the guy who sits behind the ‘info desk’ all weekend, my actual preparations are minimal, comparred to almost everyone else at this pop culture fan convention.  There is very little for me to do, except see that my table is in place, the jar of pens is fully stocked, and my banners and signs are up. Now \I just get to sit here for a few hours and try not to let the guilt of being lazy overcome me as everyone else works hard.

This is Polaris. The annual convention of TCON, which is a fan organizaqtion that apprecaites all that is science fiuction, superheros, comic books and fantasy… and any other cool shows and movies.  The demographic formally known primarily as Star Trek Nerds are now mainstream, and Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek) is a big convention, but not nearly as big as some of the other ones that appear each year. Fan cons are huge business now.

This is my fourth year manning the info desk. It’s the easiest job of all the positions available, because all I have to know, is more than the people asking, and I get to sit all weekend and move very little. I still don’t know all the answers, and sometimes that gets me down – but I bluff well, and people leave with a smile, even if they don’t leave with the answers.

In recent years, I seem to have developed a new condition where the slightest exertion overwhelms my body, and I becomes wet. Not even moist.  If it’s warm, and I start working hard – or even a little hard, I drip. I can drip all over in a pool of sweaty drops. It’s gross and hard to explain.

So I exert myself briefly, and then sit motionless for a while to regulate.

That’s what I’m doing now.  I have my Vegas Baseball cap on, so I can look down into the screen of my laptop and not have to catch people’s eyes. I’m not officially open, which only means I won’t seek out people. If they interrupt, or ask, I’ll answer – but if I keep looking down, maybe they won’t.

Then, closer tyo 3pm when I’ve normalized a bit nmore, I’ll change my shirt, dry my hair and coat through tioll closing. 10pm.  A long day, to be repeated tomorrow and Sunday, although with less setup.

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