An island in Bermuda waters.

A thousand islands.

Each island is an experiment.  Inhabited by people to start a self sufficient community from scratch. From pioneer beginnings, with no teachinjgs of the outside world.

All alive swear to an official experiment official story.

An origin, and a religion.

A belief system

And all newborns would only be taught the official story, and never even in stories, of the outside world.  Every fairytales must confine to the official story of their universe.

Each island was separate, evolving though society in a 200 year test.

Each island given a different stoiry/

Like sliders, in real life.

Like The Trueman show forever.

After three generations die, the truth becomes the story, and whatever happens, happens.

All islands were cloudy. There was no sun, or planets, or stars to learn from.

No thoughts of exploration. Nobody was curious to leave the island, because the island was all there was.

Noone ever built a boat because none was ever needed. You couldn’t get to anywhere by boat, that you couldn’t just do on land, faster.

The clouds also kept the outside world influences out as well.  Airplanes never came near here.

If they did, they’d crash because the interfereance that makes the clouds also scrambles electronics.

These islands are in a zone of separation from the world.  Anything that comes in, stays in.

What happens in the triangle, stays in the truiangle.


You are only reading my accopunt because I belong to an uinderground movement oif teeenegers that have been told there is a world ouside our own, and it’s glorious.  Our grandfaterhers were killed for telling us these stories.  It was forbidden, but a small group oif us believe.

I senty this letter in a bottle, adrift in our sea, with the hopes that it would end up on somebody eklse’s shore.

Sadly, another island found it first, and a great war urupted when they confronted our island in a boat like we had never seen before, and killed almost everyone.

The moment we relwqaized we were not the only ones, our terror took over, and we had to be the ones on top.

The more people we convince we are right, the easier it will be.

People chose a side, and everuone lost.

We are now members of the new nation Kawax, and the leaders believe there may be other worlds to conquer.

I wonder why the people who created the experiment don’t stepo in, but war and genocide re-happen.  We take over and merge techgnologies, ideas and innovation.

The concept mirrors our own,  ut undoubtably the innovation will be mind bogglingly different.

Evebntually, gthe armies of the new colonies of Bermuda get so strong, they take over the other contineants and form a united merged dictatorsdhip.

Three generations die, and the story becomes the truth.

Nobody alive knows the history of our planet.

So they make it up, and fit the science to match.

Put us all back into groups, an continen ants and start where we are now, just before my great grandfather died.

This is our story.

This is our truth.

I am noyt oroud oif this ending, but want to go to sleep.

End of part 1

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